Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's suddenly Hip to cry Social Outrage

Question: When did everyone all of a sudden become so touchy and sensitive? Don Imus calls a couple girls "nappy headed hos", and suddenly the whole country is on a nationwide witch hunt.

Now, do I agree with and condone what Don Imus said? No. Am I going to lie awake at night worrying about those who might be offended? Also no.

CBS has just recently taken two more so called "shock jocks" off the air after they did an on-air prank phone call to a Chinese restaurant in New York. This isn't the first time that I've heard a prank phone call on the radio where they were making fun of someone. I don't believe it'll be the last either. Has anyone heard of the Jerky Boys?

Record producers and their artists are also coming under fire, especially the rap artists. Sure they use the same language that Imus used. Yes, some of it's obscene and degrading. It's been going on for years. There is no mystery that's finally been uncovered after all these years.

It's a classic case of "if I can't do it, then neither can you".

As far as I'm concerned, everyone should grow up. Whatever happened to this children's rhyme:

"Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me".
Suddenly, everyone has developed an extreme social conscience.

I believe it's more important to worry about yourself and make sure that you're treating people right than it is to point a condemning finger every which way.

Also, learn to laugh at yourself a little. Don't take yourself too seriously. Let others' remarks just roll off your back and move on with your day. Find something better to do with yourself than spending all your time being offended.

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Raspberry said...

I admit I'm a person who takes offense easily. I'll admit it and I know I have to work on it. But I'll never impose that one anyone else - people are going to joke and tease, so I get over it.

This is totally ridiculous that all of a sudden everyone's being so sensitive about things that the media or pop stars say. GET OVER IT!