Saturday, August 18, 2007

Awful News Coverage of the Utah Miners Incident

One of the biggest stories in the news over the last week has been the 6 trapped miners in Huntington, Utah. It's a terrible situation that hasn't seen seen any improvements; in fact, 3 would be rescuers were killed and another 6 injured. Now, as emotional as the situation is or may be, I'm a little tired of the constant news coverage.

It's not really a problem with the local news outlets. They mention it, and then they move on with the other stories they need to get to. The cable news channels are a completely different story however. Every day this last week during lunch I've seen CNN covering what they call a "Developing Story".

I don't know what's "developing" about it. Other than the second cave in, the situation hasn't really changed. They've been drilling new holes and trying to tunnel in underneath, but the fact that six miners are trapped hasn't changed.

I'm also not just talking about a quick update here and there. It's been the only story that they're covering for hours on end. They're showing live coverage of the many press conferences. I thought the press conference was for the press and then they would deliver the important points to us, the viewing public. The press conferences also haven't been saying anything new. Mostly different people expressing their condolences and saying that the rescuers are focused.

By far the worst part about these endless broadcasts is when they show the President of the mining company standing in front of a TV that's broadcasting different shots of the rescue workers. Every once and a while he would say something about what was going on, but for the majority of the time, we were watching another man watch TV. Unbelievable.

To reiterate though, it's a sad situation there for the miners and their families, but the cable news is turning it into a cross between a circus act and National Geographic. Enough already.

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