Monday, August 20, 2007

A Little About Patrick Warburton

This is Patrick Warburton. I was watching an episode from the last season of Rules of Engagement and realized just how funny this guy is. He has his own unique style of humour coupled with his unique and recognizable voice that even makes things funny that usually wouldn't be. He's also able to always maintain a straight face which is something a lot of comedic actors have trouble with (I'm talking about you Jimmy Fallon).

As I've already mentioned he's starring in the newer series, Rules of Engagement and has also had a role in Family Guy. What you might not have known about him is that he's had roles in The Tick, News Radio, and Seinfeld. You should also know that he had a small role in one episode of Quantum Leap. That just screams superstar.

He's also scheduled to be in a couple movies in 2008, Space Chimps and Made for Each Other. I'm not exactly sure how these will fare (I smell an inflated rating), but he's funny regardless.

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creasy bear said...

yeah he was david putty (one of elaine's boyfriends) on seinfeld. he was pretty good in that. that was the first thing i saw him in. he seems like a similar character in everything he does (read: limited acting range) but he does it well, so it works.

on a separate note, jimmy fallon is awful. i mean, he can be funny, but he's a horrible actor. when i saw fever pitch, i remember saying out loud that i'd never seen anyone deliver lines so poorly.