Friday, January 11, 2008

Are Mormons Treated Unfairly...?

I was forwarded an interesting story earlier today that appeared in the Deseret Morning News. It discusses the issue of discrimination when it comes to Mormons. This has obviously become an issue because of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

Better Duck - If You're a Mormon

The article talks about how Mormons are apparently fair game when it comes to making "disparaging and often erroneous statements", when people wouldn't dare make similar remarks about other groups. The people who think nothing of making these comments about Mormons wouldn't dare think of expressing any bias towards women or towards the black community, or so the argument goes.

So take a look at this story and see what you think about it for yourself. What do you make of it? Is there any validity to what's being said? I tend to agree with a lot of what is said, but I don't think that Mormons are the only ones who are treated this way. That being said, is it really OK to discriminate based on anything?

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