Saturday, January 12, 2008

SLU Billikens Set New D-I Record

I don't really take too big of an interest in the local college basketball scene here in St. Louis, but since I live here I heard about a new division one record that the Saint Louis University Billikens set this last Thursday night. They now have the new record for the fewest points scored in a game since the institution of the shot clock with a whopping 20 points.

The previous record was 21 points, and I must say that this is quite the accomplishment. The game was 25-7 at the half, and at one point the Billikens missed 23 straight shots. Seems like a pretty pathetic game to me which makes me glad I don't really care about Billiken basketball.

And this brings me to another point, what a Billiken even is. Wikipedia tells us that it was...

"a charm doll created by an American art teacher and illustrator, Ms. Florence Pretz of Kansas City, Missouri, who is said to have seen the mysterious figure in a dream."

Apparently it was quite the craze back in the early 1900s, but it's a pretty odd choice of mascot as far as I'm concerned.

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