Monday, November 5, 2007

The Happy Ninja Visit...

This past weekend the happy ninja showed up. While there wasn't much different than any other normal weekend, there were a few highlights that are worth mentioning.

First of all, there was quite a bit of Guitar Hero III played over the weekend. I must say it's one of the better games that have come out recently, highly entertaining and different than the traditional games. I wish I could speak to the proficiency of the ninja, but The Rolling Stones would have to say otherwise. As for my performance, I have to mention an astonishing 343 note streak.

We also had the occasion to play tennis. I had a little trouble with my serve probably due to the fact that I haven't played in over a year, and I am pretty sore. It was definitely worth it though, since the final was 6-4. I've still got it.

Friday night we stayed up till about 7 am. We weren't doing anything special or important since I can't even really remember. It is however further proof of the cancerous nature of the ninja.

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nghiupo said...

i must have you know that i have since mastered paint it black, with much thanks to metallica's one providing me with much needed pinky practice. as for being a cancer, i may be starting to concede this claim considering what has been happening at my new place.